Our framework

In 2019, AngloGold Ashanti drafted and implemented its Global Diversity and Inclusion Framework to guide managers on achieving a truly diverse workforce. Our aim is to go beyond what we are compelled or legislated to do, and to embrace diversity across all our sites.

Global Diversity and Inclusion Framework

The framework has 10 key pillars, and was devised following global assessments across all our operations that set out to determine regional diversity needs. It is aligned with the principles of the UNGC and our group objectives, and highlights the importance of fostering the empowerment of all staff, irrespective of race, gender, disability, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation.

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Key points:

  1. Governance structures
  2. Policy framework
  3. Prevention of discrimination:

    In line with company values and our commitment to human rights, no discrimination will be tolerated

  4. Remuneration:

    There must be equal pay for work of equal value

  5. Recruitment and selection:

    Ensuring the selection and appointment of a diverse talent requires human resources policies to be balanced and free of bias

  6. Training and development:

    Coaching, mentoring and networking can be useful support programmes

  7. Working conditions:

    As the staff working in mining disciplines continues to become diverse, the company needs to change the culture on the mine to make it conducive for all staff

  8. Organisational culture and management style:

    Diversity should include a cultural change dimension beyond number crunching to changing norms and practices

  9. Employee value proposition:

    Our employee value proposition helps us to attract, engage and retain the right people to ensure the organisation achieves success

  10. Measurement and accountability:

    Explicit diversity indicators allow companies to monitor their progress and to define priorities for action

In every instance, we treat each other with dignity and respect. We believe that individuals who are treated with respect and who are entrusted to take responsibility respond by giving their best. We seek to preserve people’s dignity and their sense of self-worth in all our interactions, respecting them for who they are and valuing the unique contribution they make to our business success. We are honest with ourselves and others, and we deal ethically with all of our business and social partners.

We aim to be a global leader, employing the right people for the right jobs. We promote inclusion and team work, deriving benefit from the rich diversity of the cultures, ideas, experiences and skills that each employee brings to our business.