Gender-based violence

Gender-based violence refers to violence directed against a person because of their gender. Both women and men experience gender-based violence, but the majority of victims are women and girls.

Addressing the problem

As an organisation we believe we need to take cognisance of the magnitude of this problem and how endemic it has become. We also need to understand the stigma attached to gender-based violence and the reluctance victims have in reporting incidents, and develop ways in which we can assist.

While we acknowledge that we cannot eliminate the problem, we are striving to ensure that:

  • The communities we operate in have mechanisms to deal with gender-based violence
  • We have mechanisms in place for employees and community members to report abuse
  • Safehouses are sponsored, where victims can go anonymously for support
  • We work with schools and teachers to conduct training on the risks of gender stereotyping
  • We consult with local leadership and influencers in the community
  • When individuals reach out, there is help available