Unconscious bias training

Unconscious biases are the stereotypes and perceptions that we all hold about social and identity groups, especially those that are different to our own.

How the training works

Biases have their roots in our tendency to organise and understand our social worlds by categorising things, and they can often lead to prejudice or discrimination.

To counteract these unconscious beliefs, unconscious bias training attempts to show us how our minds operate. In doing so, the training teaches us how we can avoid making and acting on the judgements we have about other people’s race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, gender orientation or disability, so that we can accept them and treat them with dignity and respect.

Unconscious bias training workshops were run with our Board and Executive Committee in February 2020. Due to COVID-19, this training was temporarily placed on hold, but has since gone virtual. The first virtual training session took place with our human resources leadership team, and all leadership teams have subsequently been trained.

Ultimately, unconscious bias training will be rolled out across all our regions.